Because I know you really want to know

            Since I know you are all waiting with bated breath to learn the results of our preschool search, I bring you the following PSA.  J has been on the ground in LA for a week now, and he has ferreted out a preschool.  Actually, I ferreted several out and lined up appointments for him, neatly spaced in one-and-a-half-hour slots with an extra half-hour for lunch.  There were a few that had spaces available, and after careful consideration, we have chosen one and we have put down a deposit.

            It is a synagogue preschool, which means no more Christmas plays or Easter hat parades, although I have a sneaking suspicion I will be attending a Purim carnival or two.  That suits me just fine; if the kids are going to be learning about a religion, I vote for it to be ours. 

            The director impressed us with her concern for children’s developmental level and her understanding that children do not all fit a single mold.  Zachary will start the week we move.  Twice a week, Benjamin will be in a transitional class, which means I need to be there, too, even though I am pretty sure he won’t notice my presence if there are toys and other children around.

So, you can all rest easy tonight, knowing all we have left to sort out is housing, transportation, and sunscreen.

            Every now and then, I get tagged for memes.  I want to comply, really I do.  I am a rule-follower by nature.  But, I never seem to like the posts I put together out of memes.  So, if you have tagged me and I have not come through, please do not curse me with seven-years bad luck and please forgive me.

            I do, however, make a point to acknowledge all the kindness I am shown here on the internet.  Sheila, over at My Memories, has given me this lovely piece of bling:


It is really a wonderful award because it goes out to “the blogs that you’ve discovered that you can’t possibly live without. They make you laugh, cry, think and feel connected every time you read a post. They give you a thrill as you see them loading into your browser and you get an equally satisfying thrill when you see that they have commented on your blog.”  It originates over here, and recipients are to go and link to those they are giving the award to.  Thank you so very much, Sheila, for passing on an award you so richly deserved.

            Now, for the fun part.  I decided I had to limit it to two blogs, but I read about 100.  It was tough going, but I chose two blogs to which I really am addicted, to the point that I shove all other posts out of the way when I see them come up in my Google Reader:

            Flutter, because you are honest and raw but still snarky;

            And Becky, at Mommy Wants Vodka, because I think I have a crush on your snarkiness.

            Does anybody notice a trend, here?

            You may notice that, now and again, I get these awards, but I never pass them along to Julie.  This is odd, you may think, as I clearly read her blog every day and engage with it on a rather intense level, not to mention my joy every time I get one of her very thoughtful comments.  The problem is, none of these awards ever seen to sum up the way I feel about Julie’s blog.  I could invent one of my own, but we all know how technologically adept I am.  So, to Julie I award the first (and perhaps only) “People who say you are thinking too much are clearly not thinking enough” award.  And, Julie?  If you can figure out a way to fit that on a button, please feel free to pass it along.

             That’s it. Back tomorrow with weight and substance and all the good, dark stuff you have come to dread expect at this here blog.

22 responses to “Because I know you really want to know

  1. Yeah! One thing taken care of.

  2. congrats on the end of the preschool odyssey.

    and on the award!

  3. yes! a preschool! congratulations. sounds like a good one. the sunscreen part will be easy

  4. Whew. That is a load off my mind.

    I agree about Julie – I’ve often felt that she deserves a category all her own.

  5. That sounds like a very lovely award. Good for you!

    And since I’m new to the whole wonder and power of Emily and her bus wheels, I guess I missed the part where you were moving to LA. This move disappoints me for purely selfish reasons as we are hoping to spend some time in or near London this summer and I was already planning ….. something. Now that I’ve written that, I realize that I don’t even know if you live in London. Or near it. I just assume, and we know what that makes out of you and me.

    Anyway, good work on the pre-school. May it truly turn out to be “perfect.”

  6. Well, I guess that lack of preparation with preschools has worked out OK after all . 😉 And YAY! for no Christmas plays. I’m thinking of seeking out an atheist daycare to avoid any more of the horrid little things. Is there there such a thing as an atheist daycare?

  7. time to put away the spreadsheets and pull out the suitcases!! oh how i don’t envy your across the ocean move! oh wait, i get to to do that exact same thing (minus two kids and a husband) in about 10 months! haha! glad you found a preschool – hope it puts your mind at ease. and 100 blogs!? seriously, you are my hero. 🙂

  8. Congrats on the preschool! I’m heaving sighs of relief for you….and congrats on the award as well, Emily. Your blog is definitely one we couldn’t live without ; )

  9. Thanks for linking on my blog! I am really enjoying visiting so many new blogs….


  10. Yay for finding a preschool! And for well-deserved blog-recognition!

    One of my personal favorites, for sure! 🙂

  11. Dude, I just peed my pants a little. I’ve never won anything in my life. Or been singled out for anything but weird rashes and/or telemarketers.

    Thank you.

    And yay for preschool! I’m sure that’s a nice weight off your chest. Oh, I think you should move to Chicago, instead. (hint, hint)

  12. oh look at you! Finding preschools, handing out bling and making up awards all your own!

    Thank you, love.

  13. I’m glad you found a good preschool. I hope he has lots of fun.

  14. Congratulations on finding a preschool – Woo Hoo! And congratulations on the great award!! Hope you have had a great weekend – see you soon. Kellan

  15. Yay! I know that’s a lot off your mind. For now. lol

    The preschool my guys went to was also “developmentally” based, don’t know how else to say it, based on the research of the Gesell Institute. I loved that kids were just themselves there – if they really didn’t want to do what the group was doing, they didn’t have to.

    And Burgh Baby’s Mom? It was a preschool at a Presby church, but there really wasn’t much focus on religious holidays, etc. And for K, my oldest went to a UU preschool, that also had daycare – no holiday stuff there at all, either. You can find it!

  16. We can rest easy tonight? How about you? So glad you don’t have any more late nights of spreadsheets and phone calls to find a place. It sounds like you found a great one for your boys. I know you still have a lot to do from far away, but I am glad that one thing is behind you.

  17. Congratulations on your award! 🙂

  18. Glad you got that settled. Hope no more spreadsheets needed for the housing & transportation. 🙂

  19. Yay for Preschool Success!

    And congrats on winning this very deserved award. I always feel a little lost if I don’t check in and see a post from you. You are awesome.

    And? Julie rocks. 😀

  20. Emily, you are too much.

    And you know what I thought today?


    Sheesh. I get my brain in a box and can’t think my way out of it and then you go saying all those nice things about me. Thanks dude.

    I feel similarly about memes, am glad when others get bling but go all verkelmpt when it’s about me (paging Dr. Freud) so appreciate the nice words…they are worth a thousand little badges.

    But if some artist can draw a woman with smoke out her ears, that might do. 😉

    And HOORAY about the preschool.

    It might not surprise you to learn I had P1 registered at the synagogue preschool in The Town Next to The Town that Shall Remain Nameless.

    I’m sure you know the one of which I speak.

    We got in to the Chi Chi School by our house, but my friends who went (who decided if their kids had to learn about religion it might as well be Judaism) were very happy and I hope you will be at yours too!!

  21. Congratulations on finding a preschool! I love how you lined up the appointment, with ample time for your husband – I would have done the same. Hopefully housing and transportation will sort themselves out quickly as well!

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